If you dont have a website, by default you therefore don’t need better leads, or better clients customers etc.

I also often hear “I get all my business via recommendation“, this is great and a sign that whatever sector you are in you are doing it right!

However how many recommendations fall off your sales radar because they want to check you out before opening a conversation (This is something I do on a regular basis and I know I am not alone). A dedicated website is a great way to showcase your business in its best possible light.

I also hear I am already fully booked so don’t need any more business…. well I would respectfully suggest you are not charging enough for whatever it is you do.

If your existing clients are overly price sensitive you need to find more of the right type of clients. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to work smarter not harder.

Obviously you can and should use appropriate social media channels to promote and create awareness of your brand products and services, however I am sure you are aware that given Facebook’s record recent fine for data breaches peoples trust in these platforms is shaky.

If all of your content is sitting on social media your hard work could disappear over night and it is completely out of your control, with your own site what stays or goes content and copy wise is completely under your control.

If you are serious about your business and don’t yet have a website or it is horribly out of date you seriously need to get on it. With the number of people searching for goods and services searching online increasing everyday you are seriously missing out.

To show yourself at your best why not have a chat with us and upgrade your online business persona.