Obviously it is imperative to make sure your content is properly tagged archived and structured to make sure you are ticking the SEO boxes from Google’s perspective.

However I have often been involved in conversations where our client is in severe danger of losing focus on the user and what they are trying to gain from their interaction from the site. As we have said making sure your content is correctly coded and complies with Google’s data guidelines is important, but don’t start creating content to solely please Google’s site crawlers.

My point is (and I think it is a very important one) you should know what your site users are interested in and what is likely to encourage them to engage and start a dialogue with you. If you do not create your site content with your potential clients and customers in mind you will be missing the mark, I have seen some sites with exceptionally high traffic and poor performance in creating new business.

In a nutshell Google thought the content on the site in question was the right answer to the users searches but when the user then lands on the site, they switch off or go elsewhere as it fails to engage.

If you have many years experience interacting with clients potential or otherwise you should have a good gut feel for the phrases or propositions that promote the required interaction.

If you don’t have that or are entering a new market sector how do you find out…..

The answer is simple start creating content and embed Google Analytics to monitor how it is performing.

If you don’t have analytics installed on your WordPress site why not contact us to show you how it might be the best thing you ever did to get an insight into your prospective clients likes and dislikes.