To paraphrase Monty Python “what has our website ever done for us…”

The answer most people give is it that our site is our online brochure showing off our goods and services and giving people browsing a flavour of and information on what it is we do.

Of course that is correct but with a little thought and the clever use of custom post types in WordPress it can do so much more.

Picture the scene you have just delivered your super deluxe what-ya-m’callit to a client and they have mislaid the instruction manual.

The old school approach would be to order a new manual and send it in the post. Resulting in work for you and a frustrating delay for the client.

If you have a WordPress website it is relatively simple to create a product archive with relevant downloadable PDF manuals warranty documents etc. for all your products so that you never have to search for a hard copy of a manual again.

The time saving and increase in customer response times is justified straight away.

But you need not stop there there are hundreds of ways of storing your information on your website and also ways of gate keeping that information.

There is then an opportunity to create a registration process to allow users to download the information they want and for you to communicate with potential client prospects.

When you start thinking out of the box you can use your wordpress site as a powerful administration and sales tool.

Why not contact us for a free initial chat? Let’s start talking about how we can turbocharge your site and get it working as a silent sales tool!

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash