There are quite literally thousands of hacking attempts every minute of every day on websites across the country. Have a look at the Wordfence Home Page which shows over 4 million worldwide hacking attempts every month!

A common response from website owners is “I don’t store any personal data on my site so I don’t have to worry.” If you are not worried about being disavowed by google and your site literally disappearing from search results then maybe ….

Hackers aren’t just looking for personal details, they want to use your site and its resources to propagate spam, mine BitCoins or spread malware and ransomware to your contacts and website visitors.

Google quite rightly wants to stop any nefarious activity so it will flag infected sites as unsafe and ultimately not serve your web address in search results.

As WordPress specialists we know that securing your WordPress site is imperative and we recommend a great plugin called Wordfence.

No one wants to have that “your site infected my computer” conversation with one of their clients so what can you do?

One of the great things about the WordPress community is that a swathe of developers generously create helpful plugins many of which are completely free of charge and Wordfence is one of those must have plugins the free version of the plugin gives pretty good protection and the premium plugin gives you world class protection.

Credit Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

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