We were painfully aware that we were not practising what we preached and that our website badly needed a complete overhaul.

So we got to work using our knowledge of WordPress and we now have a website that more accurately reflects our current capabilities and gives a flavour of how we can help your business.

Coding a theme from scratch we are able to create almost any layout we or indeed you can dream up.

One of the biggest challenges in our industry is that the digital landscape is constantly changing and expanding.

One of the biggest opportunities is that the constant change opens new doors.

So how do you know what technology to choose, we are still backing WordPress as our main framework and toolbox for our web work. The reason is simple almost a third of the web uses the WordPress framework.

It is supported by millions of users and developers like us so that you know your investment will be future proofed and should the unthinkable happen and we fall out of favour or get hit by a bus you will always have a site that is able to be updated and remain relevant.

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