As with most things in life you get what you pay for and when it comes to hosting your website and providing your email its all about making sure you are getting value for money.

I am often asked how much does it cost to host a website and email…. that is a bit like saying how much is a car.

You first need to define your needs, for example if you just have a single page site with only a few hundred visitors a month your hosting requirements would be very different from that of a fully fledged commerce site with thousands of products and transactions.

The good news is that unlike choosing a car you can very easily upgrade and or downgrade your level of hosting, but it is important to get it right or thereabouts sooner rather than later.

Hosting is a lot like a household utility, you take it very much for granted until it doesn’t work.

Email has become an absolutely integral part of most businesses so to skimp on your monthly hosting fee and end up with an unreliable email service, will very likely be a huge false economy.

I am constantly surprised by the number of businesses who have an @gmail or @hotmail etc. email address.

On the face of it a free email address seems like a great idea, until the provider makes fundamental changes to the service leaving you in the lurch. They are also an easy target for hackers and brute force automated password attacks.

These services are provided for free to millions of people good luck in trying to speak to someone when you have a problem!

Reliable hosting & email means that there is a helpful voice on the end of the phone to help with any problems.

If you need advice and help on getting your hosting right why not contact us to see if we can help

Photo by Hedi Alija on Unsplash